Bob Casey Testimonial Year, 2011 - 2012




GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor. We are a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political organisation.

The organisation was founded in Dublin in 1977 by former sports journalist and Chief Executive, John O'Shea.

Since its inception, GOAL has spent more than £550 million on humanitarian programmes in almost 50 countries. Over 2,300 GOALies and many thousands of local staff have worked in the developing world on GOAL's behalf and the organisation has responded to every major humanitarian disaster since 1977.

GOAL has always enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the sporting fraternity. Their sporting connections and friendships range across all disciplines and age groups, and straddle the national and international and the amateur and professional spheres. Former Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash, is currently President of GOAL UK.

GOAL is deeply grateful to Bob for his unstinted and generous support. A classmate of my youngest son Johnny, Bob has shown a deep interest in the poor and I am looking forward to showing him some of our many humanitarian projects in Calcutta later this year.

John O'Shea, Chief Executive

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Cooperation Ireland

Cooperation Ireland

Co-operation Ireland has existed for the last 32 years and has worked to advance the peace process on the island of Ireland, underpinning the political agreement, by building positive relationships at community level, both within Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, through the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation.

If we have 'peace' then why do we still need an organisation such as Co-operation Ireland? When the first ceasefires were signed in 1995, there were 15 'segregated barriers and divisions' in Northern Ireland, the so called 'peace walls'.

Today there are 88. Only 7% of school children attend integrated schools. Over 90% of social housing in Northern Ireland is segregated. Whole communities, organisations and individuals, North and South, have little or no experience of each other. What we aim to do is help prevent a return to the violence of the past, and to work to prevent paramilitary groups recruiting young people into their organisations.

Bob Casey has been a valuable member of the GB Executive since 2010, providing both personal support to the charity's fundraising efforts and also helping to engage London Irish to support our work.

Mike Murphy, Executive Director GB

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the Christina Noble Foundation

the Christina Noble Foundation

Bob Casey joined the Board of Directors of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation UK in 2003 Very shortly afterwards Bob took a week out of his busy schedule to visit Vietnam in 2004 and see first hand the work we undertake for the children. Personally I felt this was an impressive quality as it highlighted a keen willingness and commitment to get to know our organisation and the environment in which we operate.

Selfless, kind, generous and humble are some of the words I would choose to describe the characteristics of Bob Casey. A gentle giant in the true sense of the word and a man who committed himself to sharing an inspiring but challenging journey with us and whose very real efforts have contributed significantly to helping and improving the lives, aspirations and dreams of thousands of Children and their families. The passion and dedication which Bob has brought to CNCF is real, sustained and unquestionable.

Christina Noble

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