Need a website? I’m available for projects now!September 12, 2013

I’m now available to help with small to medium website design and development projects, starting asap.

I now have a lot more spare time on my hands and I’m itching to take on one or two projects in the coming weeks. Most of the work I have been doing over the last 18 months has been “secret stuff” – meaning the projects I have been working on are all hidden from the public view for various reasons and as a consequence I am unable to show prospective employers what I am now able to do with the skills I have acquired over the last year and a half.

So, I’d like to help out small businesses to give them a worthwhile and effective online presence, whilst having something concrete I can show to my future boss.

This means that you would benefit directly – knowing that your website is going to be utilising the latest and greatest technologies, built to the highest standards, looking fantastic and working the best for you. I need some exciting projects to show off so if you need a website re-design or a brand new site built from scratch then please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

I’ve built some pretty good websites in the past, below is just a small sample of the kind of thing I can build and design. If this is the kind of thing you think your company or organisation is looking for then please drop me a line.

But hurry, I’m only taking on one – maybe two clients for now. Quality not quantity ;o)

Previous websites built and designed by me:


Tjobbe Andrews

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  1. John Powell says:

    I am a ‘disciple’ of Larry Ullman(unknown to him) who shows one of your designs in his Tutorial on Advanced PHP programming. I like your work and I have looked at your 5 examples and I still like your work.
    I try to write clerical applications in PHP and can imagine mechanisms or code and can be creative with language but I am ‘tone deaf’ when it comes to artistic creativity. I understand HTML but would have to spend as long as I have spent learning PHP to become good at it. I’m 65 so I work much slower now and my application is unfinished but you want work now. I am not ready to order a site from you yet but we might be able to collaborate in the not too distant future – What do you think? All the best John Powell

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